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About: Evangelist for collaborative and social learning, elearning & online communities. Learning technologist at Univ. Nottingham

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Professional role Learning Technologist

Organisation, if you have one University of Nottingham

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What topics are on your radar? VLE Review, Moodle, Web-conferencing

7 September 2011

Moodle meet up - CONFIRMED Wed 6pm Stoner 7.73 - Thanks Carol, will be there. Helen

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5 September 2011

Moving 5000 courses to a new VLE (Workshop 0167) - Here's a presentation - stripped down without the online examples of course. This is a workshop so you'll be doing the work!

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Moving 5000 courses to a new VLE (Workshop 0167) - Logins will be provided for both WebCT and Moodle as well as paper and post-its for those who prefer to design the time-honoured way.

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2 September 2011

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29 August 2011

Moving 5000 courses to a new VLE (Workshop 0167) - The new VLE in this case is Moodle, though I hope that while those migrating to Moodle might be particularly interested, the model and process might also be useful to anyone migrating from one VLE to another or adopting a new VLE. Helen

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21 August 2011

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