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About: Senior Lecturer in Technology-Enhanced Learning at the University of Glamorgan

Professional role Senior Lecturer

Organisation, if you have one University of Glamorgan

Interests Staff development, Distance learning, learner experiences

Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? No

What topics are on your radar? staff development, educating teachers, technology for science education

12 September 2011

Research in Learning (Three Short Papers 0149, 0171, 0187) - Thanks Claire and Phil for your presentations. For info, at the University of Glamorgan we carried out a similar, small-scale survey recently as part of a student experience survey. Questions on technology/phones were optional and only approx 40% of total respondents answered them. Of those who did answer (n=57), 60% had smartphones, and half of these indicated that they used them for learning in some way (though there may have been different interpretations of 'learning'). I think it's very important to clarify these issues of mobile phone usage before we leap into advocating android apps etc

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9 September 2011

Pedagogic Teachers’ Advances (Three Short Papers 0238, 0087, 0263) - Three very interesting and enjoyable presentations. The SWIFT project has a great deal of potential for any lab-based learning/assignments

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Teaching Pedagogy (Three Short Papers 0179, 0188, 0216) - I was v.interested in the presentation on digital posters - they could be a great vehicle for developing digital literacy in tutors as well as students

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Sustainable Support (Three Short Papers 0060, 0073, 0093) - Really enjoyed the session - our three presentations on different aspects of staff development complemented each other very well

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7 September 2011
2 September 2011

Sustainable Support (Three Short Papers 0060, 0073, 0093) - Here's the presentation for session 0600 (minor changes possible!)

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31 August 2011

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22 August 2011

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