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About: Interested in virtual schools and colleges (VISCED) and OER including policy aspects (POERUP) and learner aspects (LUOERL). Looking at ALT-C 2011 for virtual schools people from anywhere but especially outside Europe. Also scouting for potential members of POERUP International Advisory Committee 2012-14 and people interested in doing one of 15 OER country mini-studies (request to be issued Dec 2011). Only around Monday night and Tuesday.
Always ready to talk benchmarking e-learning and EU bid ideas. Remaing interested in change management, costing, quality, retention and technical issues re e-learning and distance learning.

Professional role Consultant and Visiting Professor/Fellow in e-Learning

Organisation, if you have one Sero Consulting Ltd; Matic Media Ltd; MELSIG

Will you be blogging about ALT-C? No

Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? No

What topics are on your radar? OERs, virtual schools, benchmarking, quality assurance, change management

5 September 2011

Paul Bacsich - Settled in nicely to Storm Jameson Hall after a few bevvies in the Student Union.

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Tony Toole - Glad we caught up tonight! Psul

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Kumiko Aoki - I will look out for you. I am here only on Tuesday. Paul

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26 August 2011

Added Haydn Blackey (friend), Joe Wilson (friend), Kerr Gardiner (friend), Linda Creanor (friend), Kumiko Aoki (friend), Kumiko Aoki (want-to-meet), Bob Banks (friend), Bob Banks (want-to-meet), Hans-Peter Baumeister (want-to-meet), andy black (friend), andy black (want-to-meet), Mark Brown (want-to-meet), Mark Brown (friend), Peter Chatterton (want-to-meet), Peter Chatterton (friend), Becka Colley (want-to-meet), Becka Colley (friend), Christine Davies (friend), Christine Davies (want-to-meet), Helen Harrop (friend), David Hawkridge (want-to-meet), Nick Jeans (friend), Adam McMillan (want-to-meet), Virendra Mistry (friend), Virendra Mistry (want-to-meet), Rafael Morales (want-to-meet), Frank Rennie (friend), Frank Rennie (want-to-meet), Joaquim F. Silva (want-to-meet), Louise Starkey (want-to-meet), and Dave White (want-to-meet)


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Paul Bacsich:

Settled in nicely to Storm Jameson Hall after a few bevvies in the Student Union.