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Professional role Project Manager

Organisation, if you have one Staffordshire University

Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? No

5 September 2011

Added Mark Stiles (friend)


Signed up to attend Employer Engagement (Workshop 0166)


2 September 2011

Added Vicki McGarvey (friend), Tony Toole (friend), Shane Sutherland (friend), and Adam Cooper (friend)


31 August 2011

Added andy black (friend), James Clay (friend), Lisa Gray (friend), Neil Witt (friend), Sarah Sherman (friend), Stephen Powell (friend), and Janet Finlay (friend)


Fleur's Network

Mark Stiles
Mark Stiles (mutual) friend
Adam Cooper
Adam Cooper (mutual) friend
Shane Sutherland
Shane Sutherland (mutual) friend
Tony Toole
Tony Toole (mutual) friend
Vicki McGarvey
Vicki McGarvey (mutual) friend
Janet Finlay
Janet Finlay (mutual) friend


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