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About: I work freelance and have recently been involved in the JISC funded DePTA project led by the University of Cumbria & the CRA; JISC funded ePCoP project; have been a co-author of Pebblegogy: ideas & activities to inspire & engage learners. My main interests are with e-portfolios and personal learning spaces. I have a background in educational development.

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17 January 2012
4 October 2011

Making the Case (Workshop 0117) - Handouts from the session

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7 September 2011

Added Elaine Tan (want-to-meet)


6 September 2011

Making the Case (Workshop 0117) - Here is the Powerpoint for this workshop. There are also handouts and scenarios which we shall discuss in the session. I intend to update the Powerpoint once the session is over and attendees have contributed. Looking forward to meeting you.

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Signed up to attend Making the Case (Workshop 0117)


5 September 2011

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4 September 2011

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2 September 2011

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1 September 2011

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