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6 September 2011

Institutional approaches to developing digital literacy (Workshop 0253) - If you want an online version of the SLiDA briefing paper - or can't wait till the session - it's attached here.

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5 September 2011

Re-imagining Learning (Symposium 0089) - You can read some background about this event, and download the slides and a detailed abstract, from the Design Studio: Slides are also attached to this message.

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PechaKucha [+ ePosters] 6: (Four Seven PKs 0092, 0228, 0190, 0076 and Six ePosters 0190, 0206, 0228, 0076, 0071, 0092) - Links to further resources 0092:

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4 September 2011

Managing Change (Three Short Papers 0069, 0070, 0085) - Preview of the presentation for paper 0085 (not future-proofed but future-focused)

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2 September 2011

Are we in open country? (Symposium 0120) - Which of the panel is the sheriff, and which is the travelling preacher? Who plays the banjo? Join us in the town square at high noon and find out.

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1 September 2011

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