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About: A principal lecturer in Education and Head of TALENT (Teaching And Learning Enhancement Team)in the School of Education at the University of Greenwich. A qualified and experienced teacher and educational technologist I have been tutor to a wide range of adult students undertaking continuing professional development (CPD) programmes, specialising in working with students at a distance.

I am known for working collaboratively with colleagues, and regularly act as a consultant/presenter within/out the university and been a team member of several JISC and HEA projects including DEL eLISA, CAMEL and Design for Learning eLIDA CAMEL, was coordinator of the HEA e-benchmarking exercise within the University, manager of the SEEL Pathfinder project and co-founder member of ELESIG.

I am a member of the Editorial Committee of IJEL, on the Programme Committee of AACE’s Ed-Media and until recently the Higher Education representative on ALT’s Further Education Committee and recently joined the JISC Experts Panel and worked as a ‘critical friend’ to the Curriculum Delivery Projects.

Organisation, if you have one University of Greenwich

Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? No

What topics are on your radar? student experience

7 September 2011

Pedagogy for Progress (Four Short Papers 0057, 0096, 0155, 0196) - Powerpoint file in support of 0155 Students as Change Agents in a Digital Age

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6 September 2011

Teacher preparation (Two Short Papers 0053, 0152) - Consider these LLUK Standards in relation session 0053

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Teacher preparation (Two Short Papers 0053, 0152) - This short Powerpoint Presentation will be used during session 0053 following a brief activity.

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5 September 2011

Signed up to attend Meeting for session chairs


4 September 2011

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3 September 2011

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