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About: I moved to Greenwich last year, having previously been Head of the School of Computing & CreativeTechnologies at University of Abertay. I have a long history of involvement with learning technologies and elearning, having worked with ICBL at Heriot-Watt throughout the 90s, and been involved in the Scholar project. I now have a strategic development brief at Greenwich, head up a couple of departments, and lead the eCentre research centre with my colleagues Liz Bacon and Simon Walker.

Conference role Delegate who is presenting

Professional role Professor of Computing Science

Organisation, if you have one University of Greenwich

Interests elearning, games and multimedia, data and information management

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Will ALT-C 2011 be your first ALT conference? Yes

6 September 2011

Assessment and Feedback (Four Short Papers 0037, 0039, 0239, 0242) - Paper 0239, due on at 9:40, will be on an approach to employability called GWizards. It will be presented by Lachlan MacKinnon, and the presentation is attached. Cheers.

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Restructuring Teaching (Three Short Papers 0033, 0129, 0229) - Paper 0229 Remodelling Computer Science Education to develop Metacognitive Adult Learners, will be presented by Lachlan MacKinnon. File attached. Cheers.

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5 September 2011

Added Wilma Alexander (friend), Helen Beetham (friend), Tom Boyle (friend), John Cook (friend), Janet Finlay (friend), Mark Kerrigan (friend), Mark Kerrigan (friend), Malcolm (friend), Simon Walker (friend), and Liz Bacon (friend)


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