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About: I am Dean of the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Greenwich. I am also Chair of the BCS Academy of Computing, the new learned society being developed by BCS in partnership with CPHC and UKCRC, and I jointly lead the eCentre research centre, with my colleagues Lachlan MacKinnon and Simon Walker. I've been involved in elearning research for more than 10 years, including work on serious games and enterprise development games.

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6 September 2011

Simon Walker - Dear Simon Shall we try to find each other at lunch today? You have mobile number. Worst case I'm presenting at 1.40 Emotion Pluralism session ECS 9.90. Paper 151. See you later. Liz

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5 September 2011

Emotion and Pluralism (Two Proceedings Papers 0151 and 0156) - Presentation Number 151 will be presented by Dr Liz Bacon

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Simon Walker:

Hi liz, are you able to meet up today or tomorrow with Lachlan - we thought it would be a good idea in July" simon