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12 September 2011

Innovation in Australia - Hi Jill and Marty Thanks for raising the issue about innovation in Australia. First, I did say that the talk was light and in response to my impressions over my first 8 months, and not to be taken as a full scale study- so I’m happy to be corrected and keen to have further discussions. I am aware and have to been involved in exposing the wide range of achievements – including at the Futures Institutes’ Learning Futures Festival in April, which was a great opportunity for many Australian colleagues to further raise the profile of their innovative achievements on the global stage. Second, there is at the end of the slides a list of references that I did consult. I see innovation as much wider than learning technology alone, and if I didn’t say so I should have done, and in an invited lecture I think there’s a fair bit of freedom in that. Similarly my experience has been about organisational innovation with technology as one of the drivers. On the whole what I said (and certainly what I meant) was that the challenges of innovation in HE are remarkably similar in both countries – particularly the scaling up of innovation and change from projects to mainstreaming and normalising. Australia has some additional challenges and advantages- not the least distance – and including (impression) a remarkable approach to tackling disruption, which I hope to understand more and tap into. Gilly

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