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Games for Creative Design (Workshop 0162)

14:50 - 15:50 on Tuesday, 6 September 2011 in 8.90
0162 Games for creative course design: embedding learning technologies Alex Moseley, Nicola Whitton
0162 Games for creative course design: embedding learning technologies Alex Moseley, Nicola Whitton


There is growing use of games-based approaches in teaching and learning, whether through the use of digital or traditional commercial games in a course setting; or the creation of specific educational games aligned to learning outcomes. This has the potential to bring increased engagement and a sense of fun to the learning process, whereas the initial design of the courses themselves (both traditional and games-based) remains a laborious, haphazard or long-winded process; with crucial decisions about delivery mechanisms and learning technologies taking either a back seat, or – more dangerously – leading the design.

This workshop draws on the experiences of using a board game to teach course design skills for distance learning courses at the University of Leicester; and shows how a simple, games-based approach can quickly introduce participants to course design problems and issues, and assist them in appropriate selection of learning technologies to support delivery. This approach can lower barriers for newcomers to course design approaches, and allow quick, efficient choices of learning technologies to be made.

The workshop and structure

The idea of the workshop is to discuss and try alternative ways to get course teams to open their minds to the possibilities, and appropriate use, of learning technology. This will be achieved through an example games-based activity between groups, occupying the bulk of the session; followed by a discussion of the approach, highlighting issues and advantages.

00-10”: Introduction and overview of games-based approach to course design (University of Leicester case study)

10-45”: Game-based activity, in groups. Focus on course frameworks, use of online and offline modes, and choice of learning technology.

45-60”: Discussion and reflection on session, looking at learning technology choices made.

Intended Outcomes:

The workshop aims to:

a) show how games-based approaches can be used to stimulate creative curriculum design;

b) discuss the pros, cons and opportunities of face-to-face and online approaches;

c) explore the contextual application of learning technologies to course delivery.