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Moving 5000 courses to a new VLE (Workshop 0167)

10:50 - 11:50 on Wednesday, 7 September 2011 in BCB
0167 Moving 5000 courses to a new VLE – a migration design model based on templates to speed the process Helen Whitehead
0167 Moving 5000 courses to a new VLE – a migration design model based on templates to speed the process Helen Whitehead

The University of Nottingham has around 37,000 students and, in existence on the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), up to 9000 staff accounts in 3 countries, and 5000 live modules or courses. We have recently undergone a VLE Review and selected a new VLE to be available from autumn 2011. The number of courses presents a major challenge when migrating to a new VLE. This paper describes a project to analyse typical courses delivered through the University of Nottingham’s existing VLE (WebCT). We looked at tool use and content from a sample representing learning spaces from each School in the University (including international campuses). Data analysis has established patterns of use of the VLE within the University and we have used these, informed by learning design and pattern design theory, to develop a migration model based on levels of VLE adoption and then to create a limited number of templates which will be used in the new VLE and offered as part of the migration of courses. The templates are also designed to scaffold best practice. In this workshop we will show how this template approach saves time and resources in migrating courses, providing a supported efficient way for academics to migrate their own courses, and for our implementation team to approach migrating others. It also provides a framework for writing support documentation. Participants will use the practical models and templates to apply to an example migration of their own courses or a typical selection provided.

The workshop will provide an introduction to the model and its associated templates, followed by hands-on group work analysing a sample of typical existing courses (participants’ own or an example selection provided), applying the model to choose and adapt template(s) and using the resulting template(s) to create a migration plan, followed by final discussion.

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to analyse online courses in a VLE of their choice and utilise a migration model to adapt or produce templates as a practical and time-saving tool to support VLE migration or online course creation in their own institution.