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Using technology to make things happen (Two Demonstrations 0131, 0050)

12:00 - 13:00 on Wednesday, 7 September 2011 in 7.83
0131 Dynamic Learning Maps: fusing curriculum maps with personal learning Simon Cotterill, Paul Horner, John Peterson, Gordon Skelly, Tony McDonald, Steve Ball
0050 ePortfolios for Learning Yvonne Monterroso, Craig Ross
0131 Dynamic Learning Maps: fusing curriculum maps with personal learning Simon Cotterill, Paul Horner, John Peterson, Gordon Skelly, Tony McDonald, Steve Ball


This session is a demonstration and ‘hands on’ session using Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM). DLM provides a new way to present and navigate curricula, with interactive and participative features, intended to match the changing experiences and expectations of many modern learners. DLM has been developed at Newcastle University in a recently completed project in the JISC Transforming Curriculum Delivery through Technology Programme.

Curriculum maps have important roles in supporting learning, teaching, quality assurance and curriculum management (Harden, 2001). Some of the specific drivers for DLM include improving understanding of complex curricula, identifying gaps and unintended duplication in teaching, promoting ‘cross-modular leaning’ and supporting generic skills and personal development.


We developed DLM to provide a navigable map of formal curricula, with support for personal preferences for displaying these in a range of ways including hierarchical text, lists and visual mind maps. DLM also supports personal and community-driven maps, which are clearly differentiated from the core curriculum. Learners can extend their maps and make connections between topics. Personal reflections and files can be added to topics in the maps. The technical approach is to use standards (RSS, XCRI, Leap2A etc) to integrate with other systems and draw in existing data sources (e.g. module catalogues), where these are available.


  1. Demonstration of Dynamic Learning Maps (10 mins) -Participants will be provided with handouts with supplemental information about DLM, a practical user-guide and a summary of evaluation findings.
  2. ‘Hands on’ use of DLM (15 mins) -Participants will be able to try out DLM on their wifi enabled laptops/mobile devices OR work in a group with one of the facilitators to develop a map.
  3. Plenary and Feedback (5 mins)


Understand how technology can enhance curriculum maps

Be able to identify ways in which personal learning can be linked with interactive curriculum maps

Understand the key benefits of dynamic learning maps to stakeholders

0050 ePortfolios for Learning Yvonne Monterroso, Craig Ross

Advocates of ePortfolios claim they are the biggest software evolution in education since the creation of Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs). They have become a primary tool for students, faculty, staff and institutions to document their accomplishments and move forward in their life-long pursuit of learning and student success by reflecting on those accomplishments. Join us as we explore the Desire2Learn® ePortfolio, a powerful, yet intuitive platform for collecting, organising, reflecting, and presenting learning artifacts that integrate seamlessly with the Desire2Learn® Learning Suite. ePortfolios for reflective learning, for the collection of artifacts as evidence of learning, for showcase or presentation, and for assessment will be presented using real stories from nursing, hospitality, education and professional development implementations. Participants in this session will leave with a deeper understanding of ePortfolio technology and the use of this technology for the advancement of teaching and learning.