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Biggie posted Conference

Hi, when we can visit your new conference? We are a brand new web design company bringing a brand new way in web design! BigDrop is based in Manhattan, doing a very good designs! We are offering the lowest prices on the internet.

Fri, Jan 17 at 6:41AM (0 comments)

Thank you all for participating in ALT-C 2012 whether in person or online. Over the next week or so further presentations will be uploaded to the CrowdVine site and we will also make the recordings of the Keynote and Invited Speaker sessions available on the ALT YouTube channel as quickly as possible. In the meantime, please complete the conference evaluation form: Thank you. Maren Deep... [read more]

David Dunbar: Hi Maren, Thoroughly enjoyed the conference, my first, and I am already looking forward to Alt-C 2013, where I hope to contribute once again! I was wondering if you could tell me which presentations took the honours at h Gala Dinner? I am intrigued t... [read more]
Carol Shergold: I left the conference really buzzing and excited. Just wanting to second Dave's vote of thanks; it was a brilliant conference and many thanks to all of the ALT team. Carol
Maren Deepwell: Hi Dave The best proceedings paper went to Thom Cochrane. The best pecha kuchas were from Brenda Bannan and J Taylor. Thank you for the kind feedback and hoping to welcome you at the conference again next year.

Mon, Sep 17 at 2:50PM (3 comments)

Thanks for coming along to our sessions about student focus groups using the Nominal Group Technique (NGT) and how using technologies can add value. Have a look at our report and a facilitators guide for NGT on, search 'Nominal Group Technique'. Here's the presentation from our demonstration.

Mon, Sep 17 at 12:07PM (0 comments)

Thanks to everyone who came to our session. Our short paper and slides can be found here

Fri, Sep 14 at 7:10AM (0 comments)

Thanks to all workshop participants for the active engagement and stimulating discussions! The session's crowdvine page now features slides, handouts and completed worksheets. The link is:

Thu, Sep 13 at 12:34PM (0 comments)

Really enjoyed presenting at ALT-C yesterday! Here is a video of my presentation with a voice over. It's 5 minutes long... You can also freely download my paper from the same page. Please contact me on to let me have your comments.

Thu, Sep 13 at 11:48AM (0 comments)

Here is the presentation from my session on my xGames educational suite of games which make use of wireless XBOX360 controllers attached to Windows XP/7 pcs. The presentation also shows my new Kinect AR games which use the XBOX360 Kinect connected to Windows 7 pcs. You can download the games from or from

Thu, Sep 13 at 4:07PM (0 comments)

Its been an excellent conference and I've really enjoyed some great conversations. Many of you have asked for a link to the prezi from Tuesday, so here it is - Do get in touch with any comments/questions. Sarah Frame

Thu, Sep 13 at 9:31AM (0 comments)

Thanks to those who attended (and survived!) my exhausting (for presenter and possibly audience too!) PechaKucha session on my MOPE tool. If anyone is interested in requesting a go with MOPE, I have made the following form available:

Thu, Sep 13 at 8:04AM (0 comments)

Lee Griffiths posted Lightweight feedback tool

If you attended our session on the lightweight feedback tool we demonstrated (#75) then you can have a go here:

Wed, Sep 12 at 5:51PM (0 comments)

David Dunbar posted Short but sweet

Well, after a highly enjoyable day at Alt-C, I have to depart back to 'sunny' Worcester, having had a fabulous time immersed in something I love - EDUCATION! I presented a PechaKucha yesterday, featuring the Xtranormal for Education application (well, I didn't really 'present', as I just let the video play, then answered some questions!), which seemed to be well received*, and I met some lovely people, who I hope will keep in touch. I will also b... [read more]

Theresa Kinnison: I echo your comments about the conference David and it was nice talking to you; thanks for coming to my short paper. I've uploaded slides next to the abstract. all the best Theresa

Wed, Sep 12 at 12:41PM (1 comment)

Thanks to all those who came to this morning's session. Some lively discussions and group work led to sharing of practice and the generation of some great ideas. The conversation continues on the twitter hash tag #mixnmax. Participants can also see their Lego creations in their full glory there.

Wed, Sep 12 at 12:10PM (0 comments)

Danny Munnerley posted AR studio workshop

Thanks to everyone who attended the Augmented Reality workshop and contributed so much in just 80mins. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback, please complete this quick survey. To follow up you can view the presentation from and download the markers and design worksheet from All future camps and workshops... [read more]

Wed, Sep 12 at 12:08PM (0 comments)

Audio and slides of yesterdays short paper: Mainstreaming grass roots innovation in open educational practice: benefits and challenges Process.arts, a grass roots web2.0 open educational environment for sharing day-to-day arts practice and research of staff and students, currently provides a new ‘open learning’ space to t... [read more]

Chris Follows: Recorded this on my iPhone, nice and easy? Has anyone else self documented their presentations and why are we not ?

Wed, Sep 12 at 11:18AM (1 comment)

Here's PP for my short paper Thursday morning 9am - listed as "A confrontation with Reading online" - although now has a technology focus.

Wed, Sep 12 at 8:14AM (0 comments)

Some months ago I posted a question on the ALT-C discussion group asking about strategies people were using to incorporate the use of iPads for teaching and learning. One suggestion was to get a group discussion at the conference. My particular interest is related to professional development coinciding with iPad T & L stategies. I'd be very interested to meet up with anyone using iPads with students in H.E. Business or other courses. Anyone inter... [read more]

Theresa Kinnison: Hi Elaine I've done a small study on how mature women students use technology to support learning science and iPads featured heavily! would be delighted to meet you but am only at ALT_C for Monday and Tuesday. Theresa Hi Elaine, currently implementing an iPad deployment project in International Business at the U ofLeeds. I am looking at integrating iPads into delivery of individual learning outcomes in each module. Happy to discuss further... Email me and we'll ch... [read more]
Laura Skilton (previosuly Shaw): Hi Eliane, at 9am today I'll be talking about using AR (via iPads) with students and special collections. It's in room 2.218. If you can't make it drop me an email or have a look at my slides: [read more]

Wed, Sep 12 at 8:02AM (3 comments)

Tim Cappelli posted iPad Project

I was due to give a PechaKucha on Tues 11th Sept on our iPad Project at Manchester Medical School. Unfortunately I have had to withdraw - ironically because I have to give out iPads to our year 3 students! The pilot has been extremely successful, so we are mainstreaming this year, giving out 1500 devices over the next few weeks. For anyone interested in the project I recommend you go see my colleague Hilary Dexter's short paper on Wednesday at 9.... [read more] ThanksTim, very interesting. I had seen some of the videos produced by your students on the web about the use of their iPads. Very interesting. I am leading an iPad deployment project at Leeds University Business School (U of Leeds) looking at ways o... [read more]

Tue, Sep 11 at 8:36PM (1 comment)

Dear delegates, For one reason and another I need to rethink my short paper on online reading practices and decision making processes. I'll still be focussing on this but looking more at the way I have used technologies in this research. So if you want to know a bit more about using digital pen technology, transcription software and web-print (user tracking) then this might be a paper for you. I'll be looking at the efficiencies afforded by these... [read more]

Tue, Sep 11 at 6:47PM (0 comments)

James Clay posted What are you going to pack?

Just started the packing for ALT-C 2012 and was reminded that I had posted a blog post on this subject back in 2009. Anything I've forgotten? James

Peter Chatterton: No-one has mentioned packing geek stuff!!!
Tim Seal: Just seen the outfit, intrigued. Have I missed the session?n
Paul Bacsich: anorak - and brolly! It's Manchester!

Tue, Sep 11 at 4:45PM (11 comments)

Many thanks to all who attended my joint presentation with Leeds Metropolitan University this morning. We have created special temporary log-ins for ALT-C delegates for today only, so anyone who is interested in accessing 'Plea in Mitigation' a Learnscape for Law students, just send me your email address and I will provide you with log-in credentials.

Tue, Sep 11 at 2:17PM (0 comments)

Hi all - I would like to use Crowdvine and my attendance at ALT-C 2012 to advance discussion and selection of the "final five" archetypes of alternative ICT-enhanced educational provision. The discussion started last week at EFQUEL Innovation Forum. The work will feed into a report for UNESCO to he presented in draft form in late September. Archetypes so far include: Handheld Primary, Virtual Supplementary School, OER College

George Roberts: not sure if it fits your "formal" criterion, but peer/community assessment & credentials: i.e. "badges" will become a part of flexible formal education.
Paul Bacsich: These types of assessment are implicit in some of the models and explicit in the narratives - the key being that assessment methods measure achievement not effort and can be correlated with other "heavier" assessment methods

Tue, Sep 11 at 10:51AM (2 comments)

Stephen Gomez posted Online Learning

Hi Everyone - As of the start of this month, I've become the Academic Lead for Online Learning with the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and I'm pleased to say that there are some exciting initiatives about to be launched. Please seek me or Alex Fenlon out as we'd like to meet you and hear about what you're doing or planning to do. I know the Conference presentations are all about this but we're not going to get around to all the talks. We're also ... [read more]

Mon, Sep 10 at 11:19PM (0 comments)

Theresa Kinnison posted Session papers 125, 274, 183

I'll be in the exhibition hall from 9.30 tomorrow if you want to bend my ear about anything (related to your session at 16.15) your Chair, Theresa

Mon, Sep 10 at 10:15PM (0 comments)

Charlotte Brack posted Presentation Tues 11 am (Brack)

I'm relatively new to using Prezi, only just getting the hang of it, not using it to anywhere near its potential. Still, I'm learning a lot from getting this presentation together. Using Prezi means I can't upload a simple file, but I can give the URL I'm uploading a zip file, but I'm not sure if it's useful. If anyone has some insight into all this please enlighten me. Look... [read more]

David Dunbar: Hi Charlotte, I have used Prezi a little bit, but basically cheated, as I used a template, then manipulated it accordingly! Here is what I did, something complimentary to my PechaKucha session tomorrow morning (at the same time as your paper I'm afra... [read more]
Charlotte Brack: Hey thanks Dave, that's indeed helpful. Will weed out that duplication. I'll be interested to look at your Prezi, I'd like to become more proficient. Am out walking just now, will do when I return. Charlotte

Mon, Sep 10 at 3:57PM (2 comments)

Rosanna Godfrey posted Free drinks on Tuesday evening

Collabco, who are joining us at ALT-C, are kindly hosting a pub night in association with Microsoft on the evening of Tuesday 11th September (tomorrow night) for ALT conference delegates. The drinks will be on them! So please pop down to say hi and join us all for a drink or two from 7pm onwards. It’s at a local pub called The Old Wellington at 4 Cathedral Gates, Manchester, M3 1SW. We will be in the upstairs area. Bring your ALT-C pass for free ... [read more]

Mon, Sep 10 at 3:11PM (0 comments)

Paul Bacsich posted New Zealand OER

Despite having spent a super six weeks in the spring as the guest of the University of Canterbury, there are still more things I would like to know about the state of play of Open Educational Resources in New Zealand - in all sectors especially HE and schools -and what the ministries think of OER. I have a report to finish by the end of this month! So looking forward to meeting any from that land or any who have been there recently. The current p... [read more]

Cathy Gunn: Hi Paul Wayne Mackintosh would be the man to talk to. My university (Auckland) is not in the arena with OER and I'm not sure how serious others are about it either. You could also ask Peter Coolbear, Director at Ako Aotearoa as someone with a good ov... [read more]
Cathy Gunn: Hi Paul Wayne Mackintosh would be the man to talk to. My university (Auckland) is not in the arena with OER and I'm not sure how serious others are about it either. You could also ask Peter Coolbear, Director at Ako Aotearoa as someone with a good ov... [read more]

Mon, Sep 10 at 2:41PM (2 comments)

On behalf of the other co-chairs, Julie and Jonathan, I am writing to say how much we are all looking forward to welcoming you to ALT-C 2012. If this is your first ALT-C, you'll find that it's a big but friendly conference, and networking with others will be a key part of your experience. There will be plenty of interesting people to meet, learn from and be inspired by. To get the most out of ALT-C, be sure to introduce yourself to others; keep u... [read more]

Liz Wyatt: If this is the first time you are attending ALT-C, please come along to our session for first time delegates on Tuesday morning after the opening keynote. We welcome you to come to the ALT stand where you can me... [read more]

Fri, Sep 7 at 12:07PM (1 comment)

Anna Davidge posted Guidelines for Presenters

As ALT-C 2012 approaches, we would like to draw your attention to our guidelines for presenters. Please take these carefully into account when planning your presentation: Guidelines for presenters of Short and Proceedings Papers, Symposia, Workshops, Demonstrations and Hybrids Guidelines for presenters of Short Presentations (PechaKuchas) Information regarding wifi availability and other AV details is inclu... [read more]

Fri, Sep 7 at 11:53AM (0 comments)

Theresa Kinnison posted First draft of slides for next Tuesday

Hi there looking forward to talking to you all about this next attaching draft slides they are a bit plain but will give you an idea of what the short paper will cover. See what you make of thee MPLSS [holds breath...] Theresa

Theresa Kinnison: PS graphic drawn by - thanks again Rob.

Thu, Sep 6 at 2:05PM (1 comment)

ALT-C 2011 saw the successful launch of ALT-Live Beta; an informal conference backchannel streamed live to the internet and featuring exclusive interviews and chat with conference organisers, keynote speakers, presenters and delegates. The intention was to provide another channel which, along with social media such as the official conference Crowdvine, Twitter, and delegate blogs, would serve to amplify those hot topics and discussions from the c... [read more]

Thu, Sep 6 at 12:20PM (0 comments)