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John Davies

John Davies

I work as an educational developer at Sussex, helping to embed the use of technology to support teaching and learning.
Professional role Educational Development
Location: University of Sussex, Brighton, UK


Catherine Naamani
Catherine Naamani (mutual) friend
David Findlay
David Findlay (mutual) friend
Phil Richards
Phil Richards friend
Claire Spiret
Claire Spiret friend
Seb Schmoller
Seb Schmoller (mutual) friend
Nick Jeans
Nick Jeans friend
Rich Goodman
Rich Goodman friend
Ben Steeples
Ben Steeples friend
Brian Mulligan
Brian Mulligan (mutual) friend
Jeff Borden
Jeff Borden friend
Matt Cornock
Matt Cornock friend
Martin Ashby
Martin Ashby friend
Will Moindrot
Will Moindrot friend
Marion Miller
Marion Miller friend
Trupti Jivram
Trupti Jivram friend
Liz Hilton
Liz Hilton friend
John Davies
John Davies want-to-meet, friend