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Timos Almpanis

Timos Almpanis

Learning Technologist/Associate Lecturer in Blended Learning at Southampton Solent University. BEd in Philosophy and Education/ MSc in Computer Based Learning and Training. I am also currently studyin...
Professional role Learning Technologist
Location: Southampton, UK


Aileen McGuigan
Aileen McGuigan (mutual) met
George Evangelinos
George Evangelinos (mutual) met
Tim Neumann
Tim Neumann (mutual) friend
Haydn Blackey
Haydn Blackey (mutual) friend
Julie Voce
Julie Voce (mutual) friend
Lindsay Jordan
Lindsay Jordan (mutual) friend
Tom Franklin
Tom Franklin (mutual) friend
Sarah Horrigan
Sarah Horrigan (mutual) friend
Graham McElearney
Graham McElearney (mutual) friend
Steve Wheeler
Steve Wheeler friend
Dick Moore
Dick Moore (mutual) friend
Phil Richards
Phil Richards (mutual) friend
Shirley Evans
Shirley Evans (mutual) friend
Yvonne Bain
Yvonne Bain friend
John Traxler
John Traxler friend
Chris Pegler
Chris Pegler (mutual) friend
Matt Lingard
Matt Lingard (mutual) friend
brian whalley
brian whalley friend
Seb Schmoller
Seb Schmoller (mutual) friend
Keith Smyth
Keith Smyth (mutual) friend
Sandra Partington
Sandra Partington (mutual) friend
Ben Scoble
Ben Scoble (mutual) friend