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Crowdvine FAQs

If you cannot find an answer here, please email email and we will do out best to assist.

Q1. Can I look at the programme organised by paper types?

A1. Yes. There is a drop down menu on the timetable tab to let you do this. Here, for example, are the symposiums (symposia?!) for the conference.

Q2. Can I attend only one paper within a session?

A2. We strongly discourage you from doing this because:

i) we've grouped papers into sessions in a coherent way;

ii) it is up the session Chair to determin the order of papers in multi-paper sessions;

iii) it is impossible accurately to predict start and finish times of papers in multi-paper sessions;

iv) people leaving and joining sessions mid-way through can be disruptive to delegates and presenters alike.

Q3. Should I sign up to sessions?

A3. We encourage you to do so as this gives a sense of who will be coming and enable people to find each other in and after sessions. If you do this, please take care to click on every “add to my schedule” button associated with the session (which, in the case of PechaKuchas is up to 10 buttons). Secondly, presenters and others please note that papers appear in sessions in alphabetical order not in the order in which they will be presented.

Q4. How and why does the interactive timetable look different this year?

A4. Whereas previously each session in the conference programme had a single entry in CrowdVine, this year each individual paper (PechaKucha) demonstration, workshop, symposium, has a single entry, with papers grouped together visually by session, with colours matching those on the PDF version of the programme that you can find at The advantage of this approach is that you can use CrowdVine to discuss individual papers online as well as to connect with the individual presenters of papers. In addition, the presentation materials associated with an individual paper can be associated with that paper, rather being attache to the session.

Q5. Can I participate online?

A5. Yes, in various ways. We give more information about this on the Participate Online tab.

Q6. Can I create a CrowdVine account using a different address than the one I used when I booked?

A6. Yes. If you want to create your account with an email address that is different from the one used when you booked that is OK, but the account will have to await approval, which is unlikely to take more than a day.

Q7. I live in Birmingham. Why does CrowdVine think I am US based? Can I fix this?

A7. CrowdVine defaults to US if a user gives a town or city that exists in the US. Prevent this by putting UK as your country.

Q8. On my mobile phone CrowdVine looks completely different. Can I get a more normal view of things?

A8. Yes. By default, if viewed on a mobile phone, CrowdVine defaults to a list of papers, which is inevitably very long. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page there is a link that will let you switch to a "standard view" of the site.