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Presentation Tues 11 am (Brack)

Posted Monday, 10 September 2012, 14:52

I'm relatively new to using Prezi, only just getting the hang of it, not using it to anywhere near its potential. Still, I'm learning a lot from getting this presentation together. Using Prezi means I can't upload a simple file, but I can give the URL
I'm uploading a zip file, but I'm not sure if it's useful. If anyone has some insight into all this please enlighten me.

Looking forward to the conference.

Hi Charlotte,

I have used Prezi a little bit, but basically cheated, as I used a template, then manipulated it accordingly! Here is what I did, something complimentary to my PechaKucha session tomorrow morning (at the same time as your paper I'm afraid!).

The link you have made available will mean that anyone can view the presentation online, and also, if iPad users upload the Prezi Viewer app, they can view it on their iPad (as I have just done!).

I think the zip file will contain the Prezi Flash file for your presentation, but I can't check that, as I am only on my iPad in my hotel!

One thing I did notice was that two of the slides were the same? The 'Moodle sites for 35 subjects...' slide appears twice?

In my humble opinion, your Prezi is fine, as it presents what you want it to present, with the transitions that Prezi offer, providing a nice alternative to PowerPoint.

My Prezi is more 'zippy', as it is meant to be an introduction to the Xtranormal application, for which I hope to offer training for (maybe Prezi as well?), some time in the future!

Hope this all helps?

Dave Dunbar

Monday, 10 September 2012, 15:31

Hey thanks Dave, that's indeed helpful. Will weed out that duplication. I'll be interested to look at your Prezi, I'd like to become more proficient. Am out walking just now, will do when I return.

Monday, 10 September 2012, 15:57