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About: I stood down from my half-time job with ALT in May 2012, but doing a bit of work to support ALT in this year's use of CrowdVine. I am carrying on with the parallel role I always had as an independent consultant.

Prior to joining ALT in 2002 I spent six years as Learning Technology Development Manager at the Sheffield College, where I am now actively involved as one of two Vice-Chairs of the Governing Body.

I am currently training to be a voluntary advisor in a Citizens' Advice Bureaux, and I am a member of the Teaching Schools New Technology Advisory Board established to support the new network of teaching schools to deliver ICT and Computer Science in initial teacher education and training.

Professional role Independent consultant

Organisation, if you have one

Interests The public domain, nordic skiing, learning to play piano, haymaking

Will ALT-C 2012 be your first ALT conference? No

What topics are on your radar? Open Access, The join between public and private, MOOCs

15 September 2012

Invited Speakers Session 4: Learning technology – a backward and forward look -- 508 -- Invited Speaker - I've put up a very slightly cleaned up PDF version of the presentation I used for my talk on Thursday, with a small number of additional links in it. Seb Schmoller

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11 September 2012

Lindsay Jordan - Hello Lindsay - I think I will stick with the order I put in the email to PK presenters, as that is the order I was given to use by John Slater. Thus: Tues 1340: 11, 193, 63, 140, *229*, 268 Tues 1445: 48, 50, 76, 106, 284, 301 Tues 1615: 69, 126, 249, 84, 194, 104 Wed 1050: 59, 211, 225, 257, 264, 208

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Prof BB Fakae - BB - unfortunately, Yetunde was unable to attend the conference because she had to return to Nigeria from the UK at the end of August.

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7 September 2012

PechaKucha Session 1: Learning Technology-based interventions in adult learning: how should priorities be determined? -- 163 - Here is a link to the presentation I will use for this PechKucha Seb Schmoller

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6 September 2012

Rich Goodman - Rich. Worth liaising informally about PK sessions. I've had the "pleasure" of preparing one so I have gained a feel for what it may be like from the presenter's end. Seb

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Rich Goodman - Yes. Good idea. I emailed all of "my" PK presenters and have had one response so far, which I take to mean all are super relaxed and confident.....

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4 September 2012

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3 September 2012

Liz Wyatt - Hello Liz. Worth putting "UK" in your profile to stop CrowdVine assuming you are US based. Best, Seb

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31 August 2012

Important and occasionally updated note from Maren Deepwell - Last updated 17:50 3 September 1. We are just about finished with getting the timetable in this CrowdVine site and for the moment please do not select sessions to attend, as the data presently available may yet change a bit. Please instead continue t...

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25 April 2012

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9 January 2012

The calls for proposals - Both are available here, Stephen. Not sure what the cause of the breakage above is, and sorry for the inconvenience. Seb

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4 January 2012

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Lindsay Jordan:

Hi Seb - just a quick q - the order you gave for the presentations in Pecha Kucha session 2 has the last two presentations reversed from what's on the official schedule; was this deliberate? Just checking 'cos mine is one of them (#229)!