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About: I'm a Senior Lecturer in Interactive Media and Social Technologies, based in Computing Science Engineering at the University of Salford MediaCityUK.

Unfortunately I can't make this year's conference, although am planning to pop by to see everybody (what with it being in Manchester!) and will be following online :-)

Professional role Senior Lecturer

Organisation, if you have one University of Salford

Interests social technologies, the internet, digital culture, digital identity, interestingness, creativity, curiosity, new pedagogies, collaboration, connecting, openness

Will ALT-C 2012 be your first ALT conference? No

What topics are on your radar? Openness, Creativity, Transdisciplinarity, Identity

11 September 2012

Added fred garnett (friend) and Pat Parslow (friend)


8 September 2012

David Kernohan - Hi David - unable to make it to the conference this year, but hoping to catch up with you all informally either during the day on Tuesday or Tues/Weds evening. Will keep an eye on Twitter for social opps ;-)

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amber thomas - Hi Amber - not going to make it to ALT-C this year (formally) but will be popping down at some point. Hopefully also catch an evening get-together (will keep an eye on Twitter :)

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16 January 2012

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19 December 2011

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16 December 2011

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fred garnett (mutual) friend
Catherine Naamani
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amber thomas
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David Kernohan
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Catherine Naamani:

Hi Helen, will look out for you on Tuesday or Wednesday - meet over coffee?