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About: I currently work for JISC Advance as the Programme manager for the FE and Skills Development and Resources Programme. Before JISC Advance I worked for LSIS and Becta in research and project management roles and in further education colleges from 1978 onwards in student welfare, as a lecturer and manager and as a local authority adviser variously in Cambridge, London, Liverpool and Devon.

I have been an ICT Champion and taught a range of ICT programmes ranging from ICT key skills through ECDL to BTEC Programmes and CPD and worked as external verifier for a range of awarding bodies including Ed Excel. Other areas of work included management, initial teacher training, counselling and guidance, research methods and psychology.

I have worked as an inspector since 2000 covering College, ACL and WBL contexts across a number of subject areas including ICT.

Outside my day jobs, I have been involved in a range of development and research activities since 1985 many with a focus on adult and community learning and inclusion, and more recently related to learning contexts, pedagogy, organisational development and policy in the context of the new technologies. A new interest is in text analysis and methodologies for reviewing large amaounts of text.

My interests in technology practice includes web design, community engagement and, in policy, exploring the affordances of new technologies. As a keen photographer I am interested in, and use, a wide range of technology associated with image taking and making.

Professional role Project Manager

Organisation, if you have one JISC Advance

Interests text analysis, photography, butterflies, walking, flowers and plants, philosophy, sociology

Will you be blogging about ALT-C? Yes and you may aggregate my blog

Will ALT-C 2012 be your first ALT conference? No

What topics are on your radar? OER, contextualising resources for the post-compulsory sectors, pedagogy, scholarship, curriculum design, research methodologies

12 September 2012

Sharing Knowledge: Secrets of Mlearning Failures: Confronting reality -- 74 -- Proceedings Paper - Thom I'm not able to be at the session, but I would like to ask you what your learning from the less successful projects has contributed to the development of your teaching and assessment work with students and the nature of their participation in their learning and reflection on their work? Does this have any implications for developing collaborative learning? Nigel

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16 January 2012

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