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About: I work with UK colleges and universities, to develop the use of video and multimedia for education and as a consultant on VLE review and change projects.

Professional role Educational Developer

Organisation, if you have one City University London

Interests new ways of communicating with video, blending the physical and virtual learning spaces, sharing excellent content

Will ALT-C 2012 be your first ALT conference? No

What topics are on your radar? Ipad, android, tablet, html 5, Adobe Connect, learning spaces, video repositories

13 September 2012

The realities of teaching and learning with web conferencing: The realities of teaching and learning with web conferencing: challenges and issues -- 248 -- Workshop - Great resources thanks - what a bonus - very useful for us at City.

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11 September 2012

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9 September 2012

James Clay - Hi James - have you seen Darren?

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John Traxler - Hello John - I am chairing your session - and looking forward to it - Sandra

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4 September 2012

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19 January 2012

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