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About: interested in learning with mobile devices in Africa and elsewhere in the 'south' especially reconciling scale and sustainability with culture and individuality, and in learning with mobile devices now that almost everyone owns them

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12 September 2012

Sandra Partington - Thanks, nothing lost, nothing gained

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11 September 2012
9 September 2012

Added Sandra Partington (want-to-meet)


6 September 2012

Added Yishay Mor (want-to-meet)


4 September 2012

Learning: Europe, Work, Mobile: Mobile Learning – Confronting Reality -- 96 -- Short (oral) Paper - I thought it was important to maintain the 'death of ...' tradition, so here, after some reflection is a variant

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Added Bob Harrison (want-to-meet)


2 September 2012

Added Alastair Clark (want-to-meet), Thomas Cochrane (want-to-meet), Elizabeth Hartnell-Young (want-to-meet), Sabine Moebs (want-to-meet), and Brenda Bannan (want-to-meet)


29 August 2012

John Traxler - thought i ought to give a talk on the death of something

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Sandra Partington
Sandra Partington (mutual) want-to-meet
Yishay Mor
Yishay Mor (mutual) want-to-meet
Bob Harrison
Bob Harrison (mutual) want-to-meet
Brenda Bannan
Brenda Bannan (mutual) want-to-meet
Sabine Moebs
Sabine Moebs want-to-meet


Sandra Partington:

Hello John - I am chairing your session - and looking forward to it - Sandra

John Traxler:

thought i ought to give a talk on the death of something