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About: My career in Youth and Community work started in Birmingham and then moved to Suffolk and Hertfordshire. After that, I worked as a Community Education manager in Derbyshire for 13 years. This involved promoting informal and formal learning opportunities and included area management responsibilities and curriculum coordination for languages and humanities.

From 2000 – 2003 I was an Education Officer for the British Education Communications and Technology Agency (Becta) in the community programmes team working on UK online centres and Community Grids for Learning.

Since 2003 I have worked for the National Institure of Adult Continung Education NIACE laeding the Institute's work on Digital Learning. This work has including promotion of E-Learning in Adult and Community Learning in UK and the UNESCO funded Avicenna Higher Education online learning project.

I spent a full year working in France for the voluntary organisation Compagnons Batisseurs and have fluent spoken French. My MEd Research involved case study work of learner experiences in France and the UK and involved conducting research interviews in French.

Professional role E Learning in Adult Ed organisation

Organisation, if you have one Stirring learning Ltd; Teacher Derby City Council; Senior Associate NIACE

Interests canoeing, mountains, cycling, languages

Will you be blogging about ALT-C? Yes and you may aggregate my blog

Will ALT-C 2012 be your first ALT conference? No

What topics are on your radar? OERs, BOYD

13 September 2012

Xerte, Youtube and Graphs: Building an Education Graph in the Linked Data Age -- 129 -- Short (oral) Paper - Thanks David. You took forward our understanding of the potential of graphs.

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Xerte, Youtube and Graphs: Yo! Youtube Wraps! Recontextualising and supplementing YouTube videos -- 219 -- Short (oral) Paper - Thanks Ian it will be great if you can add the links to this forum.

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Xerte, Youtube and Graphs: Mobile Xerte -- 45 -- Short (oral) Paper - Thanks to Stephen for this. Now that the mobile version of Xerte is available could you post the. URL for downloads.

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12 September 2012
10 September 2012

E-books and e-readers for adult learning - Glad you can make it Sandie. see you in Manchester. (What colour is your brolly?)

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Open Technologies: Yes! There Are Quality Mobile Educational Apps for PreK-Ph.D.: TBReLearning Mobilization Resource Center -- 310 -- Demonstration - Copy of presentation to be used by Robbie Melton and Nicole Kendall.

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Open Technologies: Yes! There Are Quality Mobile Educational Apps for PreK-Ph.D.: TBReLearning Mobilization Resource Center -- 310 -- Demonstration - Thanks Nicole - we look forward` to hearing you both.

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8 September 2012

Digital learning for adults: Technology made us re-think learning’ – experiences with adult learners. -- 231 -- Hybrid - We are very much looking forward to this session. Sadly Dave Burgess is unable to attend as his leave was cancelled as there is a Skills Funding Agency visit to h9s prison on Tuesday. This means there will be three Pecha kucha's and a summary by Alan Clarke. This will leave more space in the hour slot for discussion. Resources related to this session are already available at:

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