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About: I head up the CIePD (Centre for International ePortfolio Development) at the University of Nottingham. I write, manage and deliver externally funded projects focussing on joining process and practice for learning, progression and collaboration. I am also interested in educational open standards such as XCRI and Leap2A and have been involved with the development of these, and am currently supporting the JISC national Course Data programme.

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11 September 2012
10 September 2012

Invited Speakers Session 3: Knitting – a learning technology to dye for? Can knitting develop programming skills in schools and prepare computer scientists of the future? -- 505 -- Invited Speaker - Will this cover Crochet also? Sounds intriguing!

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8 September 2012

Badges, Facebook and eportfolii: ePortfolios for Employability – Promoting Career Learning through Business Engagement -- 40 -- Short (oral) Paper - Presentation

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7 September 2012

Can you HEAR the first Academic KIS?: Can you HEAR the first Academic KIS? How can initiatives that include course data utilise technology to reuse data and so reduce the burden on staff. -- 296 -- Workshop - Online Activity Personas for above activity

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6 September 2012

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5 September 2012

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4 September 2012

Kirstie Coolin - @kirstie_c

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3 September 2012

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