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About: Interested in e-learning, I'm not really an expert, but I do seem to be good at linking technology to education.

In my last role as an ILT Content Advisor,I provided appropriate e-learning and ILT solutions for both staff and students, and supported teaching staff in the development and creation of interactive online learning resources and activities.

I am passionate about education, and how technology can hopefully have a positive impact on learning, particularly in Further Education.

Conference role Delegate who is presenting

Professional role ILT Content Advisor

Interests ILT, Xtranormal, Prezi, Scrabble, Music, Films, Real Ale!

Will you be blogging about ALT-C? No

Will ALT-C 2012 be your first ALT conference? Yes

In which areas are you knowledgeable? classroomTechnologies, FE, informalLearning, selfDirectedLearning, VLEs

16 September 2012

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15 September 2012

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14 September 2012

Evaluation - please send us your feedback - Hi Maren, Thoroughly enjoyed the conference, my first, and I am already looking forward to Alt-C 2013, where I hope to contribute once again! I was wondering if you could tell me which presentations took the honours at h Gala Dinner? I am intrigued to see if my choices were selected! Thanks! Dave Dunbar

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12 September 2012

Short but sweet - Well, after a highly enjoyable day at Alt-C, I have to depart back to 'sunny' Worcester, having had a fabulous time immersed in something I love - EDUCATION! I presented a PechaKucha yesterday, featuring the Xtranormal for Education application (well...

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11 September 2012

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10 September 2012

Presentation Tues 11 am (Brack) - Hi Charlotte, I have used Prezi a little bit, but basically cheated, as I used a template, then manipulated it accordingly! Here is what I did, something complimentary to my PechaKucha session tomorrow morning (at the same time as your paper I'm afraid!). The link you have made available will mean that anyone can view the presentation online, and also, if iPad users upload the Prezi Viewer app, they can view it on their iPad (as I have just done!). I think the zip file will contain the Prezi Flash file for your presentation, but I can't check that, as I am only on my iPad in my hotel! One thing I did notice was that two of the slides were the same? The 'Moodle sites for 35 subjects...' slide appears twice? In my humble opinion, your Prezi is fine, as it presents what you want it to present, with the transitions that Prezi offer, providing a nice alternative to PowerPoint. My Prezi is more 'zippy', as it is meant to be an introduction to the Xtranormal application, for which I hope to offer training for (maybe Prezi as well?), some time in the future! Hope this all helps? Dave Dunbar

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4 September 2012

My PechaKucha - Hi all! My name is Dave Dunbar and I'm presenting a PechaKucha next Tuesday, that deals with a great application called Xtranormal for Education, that I am hoping to share with as many delegates as possible. As a precursor to the session, I have prod...

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