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About: Founder of Hedtek Ltd a software house that builds products and performs custom development and extension work for clients.

I am the lead designer of the Gradient Assessment System, the Hedtek PLE and various tools for libraries, including social and personalised search engines.

I work broadly in areas to do with learning support, assessment activity data, learning analytics, and computer science research. Hedtek itself is very much focused on building Web-based systems.

I have in the past worked as a lecturer, and as a computer architect, human-computer interaction designer and theorist (with an emphasis on Participatory Design).

I'm currently interested in assessment, feedback, metacognition, self-directed and lifelong learning, and in supporting and enhancing learning processes.

Professional role Director

Organisation, if you have one Hedtek Ltd / Gadient Assessment

Will you be blogging about ALT-C? Yes and you may aggregate my blog

Will ALT-C 2012 be your first ALT conference? No

What topics are on your radar? assessment and feedback

5 September 2012

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