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About: Programme Manager at JISC with a focus on sharing learning materials, repositories, open educational resources, open licensing, IPR and openness generally.

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9 September 2012

Openness: learning from our history: Openness: learning from our history -- 113 -- Hybrid - Hi all. I have uploaded the slides for "when ideals meet reality" here: .

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From dissemination to diffusion to impact: From dissemination to diffusion to impact: Getting the most out of Intervention -- 254 -- Hybrid - Hi Bob! Sounds really interesting but clashes with a session I'm running. But hopefully I'll get to see your slides/materials?

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7 September 2012
4 September 2012

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Helen Keegan:

Hi Amber - not going to make it to ALT-C this year (formally) but will be popping down at some point. Hopefully also catch an evening get-together (will keep an eye on Twitter :)