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About: I have worked for 11 years as a lecturer in social anthropology at Manchester, where I also studied for my PhD. Before that I was a maths teacher! I am also interested in pedagogy and educational development. I am intrigued by the possibnilities of technology to enable collaborative and problem-based learning. In 2010-11 I had the position of deputy director of methods@manchester, a center dedicated to making social science research methods expertise at manchester more accessible. During this time I became interested in open educational resources and in 2011-12 I held a SCORE fellowship at the Open University which I used to investigate the potential of OER's to provide needs based postgraduate research training. I am married and have a 12 year old daughter and we live in West yorkshire with our two dogs.

Professional role Lecturer in Social Anthropology

Organisation, if you have one University of Manchester

Interests I am interested in religion and spirituality, the heritage industry, pedagogy and learning styles, research methods, cooking, gardening, jazz and progressive rock music.

Will you be blogging about ALT-C? No

Will ALT-C 2012 be your first ALT conference? Yes

What topics are on your radar? Collaborative learning, assessment and feedback, researcher development, OERs

In which areas are you knowledgeable? assessment, classroomTechnologies, feedbackToStudents, learningDesign, OER, VLEs

13 September 2012

Feedback-Rich Formative Assessment: User-Oriented Tools for Feedback-Rich Formative Assessment -- 166 -- Workshop - Thanks for this Sue, I have downloaded it to watch later.

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11 September 2012
10 September 2012

Added Tim Seal (friend), Roger Hewitt (friend), Alannah Fitzgerald (friend), and Cath Dyson (friend)


9 September 2012

OERS in the curriculum: Using the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) to Improve Accessiblity and Useability of OER's for Researcher Development -- 251 -- Short (oral) Paper - Sorry I am a bit last minute uploading my slides. Hopefully those who wanted to will get a chance to see them before the talk. I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

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6 September 2012

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