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About: I work at the Open University and am project officer on the JISC funded Open University Learning Design Initiative (OULDI) project. I have lectured in Professional Development across the HE and FE sectors and have worked as a training consultant in the public sector. I have a particular interest in the impact of learning and teaching on communication, cooperation and creativity within groups and organisations. You can follow me on twitter @Rebeccagalley

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What topics are on your radar? Representation and visualisatiion of design

11 September 2012

Joe Nicholls - Hi Joe, sorry we didn't get a chance to chat when we met earlier. Do you want to mail me or maybe we can Skype? My mail is

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10 September 2012

Joe Nicholls - Hi Joe - I just got yr 'like to meet note'. I'm just in on Tues but maybe we could say hello then?! Rebecca

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7 September 2012

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Joe Nicholls:

Hi Rebecca - I'll look at the sessions you're attending and do my best to make sure our paths cross :-) Thanks, Joe