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About: Associate Vice Chancellor for Mobilization for the Tennessee Board of Regents (which consists of forty-seven campuses from technical and vocational centers to community colleges and universities across the State of Tennessee, USA).

Author of the Mobile App Educational and Workforce Careers Resource Center that contains over 50,000+ mobile apps from Preschool to Ph.D. aligned by mobile device, method of usage, disciplines (over 100+ subjects) and educational level.

Responsible for mobilization strategic planning and quality standards and best teaching and learning with mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) and mobile apps.

Conference role Invited speaker

Professional role Mobile device, smart phones, tablets, iPads, apps

Organisation, if you have one Tennessee Board of Regents for Higher Education Universities, Colleges and Technical Centers for the USA State of Tennessee

Interests Mobile App and Accessories for Education

Will you be blogging about ALT-C? No

Will ALT-C 2012 be your first ALT conference? Yes

What topics are on your radar? Mobile Devices, tablets, apps

11 September 2012

Open Technologies: Yes! There Are Quality Mobile Educational Apps for PreK-Ph.D.: TBReLearning Mobilization Resource Center -- 310 -- Demonstration - Due to the limit time for the presentation, Dr. Kendall and I (Dr. Melton) would like to make sure that you receive the full list of the mobile apps that we plan to showcase during the presentation. *attached Powerpoint of "Showcase of Mobile Apps" We also plan to showcase the latest mobile devices (Samsung and Google) as well as some of the latest accessories for mobile devices such as an art stylus, non-tech speaker, and the website with over 50,000_ mobile apps. We have come across the ocean to share free resources with you all and would like to take some new app resources back home to the USA for sharing with educators!

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