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Digital learning for adults: Technology made us re-think learning’ – experiences with adult learners. -- 231 -- Hybrid

11:30 - 12:45 on Tuesday, 11 September 2012 in 1.218

The central theme of this hybrid session will be ‘Using Technology made me think differently about Learning’.

It will feature contributions from practitioners who are using technology with adult learners outside of formal educational institutions, in the community and with offenders in prison.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to reflect on how technology has played a part in helping them to re think their approach to learning by drawing on the experiences outlined by the presenters.

Each presentation will follow the Pecha Kucha format of 20 slides each showing for 20 seconds. There will be 3 minutes after each presentation for brief comments from the floor, and after all the presentations there will be longer discussion.

The discussion will take place in the policy context framed by the document ‘New Challenges New Chances’. In particular the session will take account of:

  • non accredited learning moving to Community Learning Trusts
  • the national roll out of the Virtual Campus secure network in prisons.

Introduction and context – (5 mins) Alastair Clark will introduce the session and chair the discussion

Live language learner links – (10 mins) Part-time adult community teachers in Middlesbrough have used synchronous and asynchronous methods to create reciprocal links between language learners in European countries. Pete Samson will explain how, once the technology was in place, teachers started to develop new ways of using the interaction to enhance the learning. Pete is a language teacher in Teesside and he received the NIACE E-Guide award in 2011.

Electronic Hedge Schools- presentation and questions – (10 mins) Terry Loane will offer a short history of the independent Hedge School movement in nineteenth century Ireland which was set up in opposition to officially imposed Anglican schooling. He will suggest that the power of technology can be harnessed to establish a new breed of 21st century Hedge Schools where learners can take control of both the content and the method of learning. Terry is an independent trainer and consultant working in the UK and abroad.

Digital recording of achievement in the Forest of Dean – (10 mins) Adult educators in Gloucestershire wanted to find paper-free ways of recording the progress and achievement of their adult learners and they decided to use action research to explore different approaches and use the results to issue guidance to their own staff and others. Jane Carter-Dunn led the work in the Forest of Dean and has recently moved to work in Tower Hamlets where she is Assistant Programme Manager Idea Store Learning. Jane received NIACE E-Guide award in 2010

Connecting offenders to e-learning (10 mins) We know that good quality learning opportunities really can change lives – and that these life changes can be particularly profound for offenders – offering access to employment and greater understanding of self and the wider world. However, making e-learning work in custody is no simple task as Dave Burgess will show as he explains the challenges he has faced at HMP Kennet. He will also set challenges for all content developers to consider ways of planning to make sure their material can be used in prison. Dave has championed the introduction of the Virtual Campus secure network at HMP Kennett.

Re-thinking practice (10 mins) Small group discussion on themes raised by speakers focussing on the power of technology to provoke a re-thinking of practice.

Summary (5 mins) Alan Clarke will provide a short summary of discussion.


We are very much looking forward to this session. Sadly Dave Burgess is unable to attend as his leave was cancelled as there is a Skills Funding Agency visit to h9s prison on Tuesday. This means there will be three Pecha kucha's and a summary by Alan Clarke.

This will leave more space in the hour slot for discussion.

Resources related to this session are already available at:

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