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Virtual world demos: Bringing reality to learning through Immersive Learning Environments and Serious Gaming -- 267 -- Demonstration

11:30 - 12:50 on Tuesday, 11 September 2012 in 1.219

This session is relevant and of interest to participants as it addresses one of the key themes -’ How can learning technology better support the core processes of learning, teaching, assessment, recruitment and retention?’ It reveals to participants how course content applied in the working world makes learning more relevant – an essential part of keeping students motivated and engaged in the learning process.

UK higher education institutions in partnership with a leading provider of immersive, experiential learning solutions delivered in over 130 countries world -wide. The joint approach adopted is underpinned by the belief that ‘learning by doing’ or ‘learning by being’ is an essential part of the educational experience.

We will provide an overview of how the work of well-known learning theorists has informed those solutions. The presentation will examine the instructional design, structure, delivery and impact of Immersive Learning Environments and Serious Game. Demonstrations of these learning environments will highlight how the various elements are woven together to create what is aimed to be a truly compelling experience for the learner.

The opening presentation will outline the underpinning academic theories and consider the critical and unique integration of “Natural Assessments”. “Natural Assessments” maintain immersion whilst students complete assessment elements authentically mirroring everyday workplace tasks. [10mins]

The University faculty member will demonstrate how these immersive experiences require students to perform real-world tasks that show meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills. With reference to specific examples, academic colleagues will share their evaluation of the effectiveness of this tool when it comes to equipping students to work within unfamiliar and challenging environments as they enter professional practice. [5MinsDemo]

We will share learner feedback and results from the experiences of module tutors which suggest that this learning tool is perceived as effective and well as having a propensity to enthuse learners. [5Mins]

Finally, there will be a first look at our next evolution in learner-centric, immersive online education. This game-based learning solution aims to support both individual and team experiences, with purposeful immersion into research, creative and critical thinking, collaboration and communication. [10MinsDemo]

We will demonstrate the intricate blend of three key elements:

  • Game design aiming to compel learners with “flow-based” leveling of rules, rewards, consequences
  • Immersive stories with learner-powered interactive story-making
  • Intrinsically woven to learning objectives of story themes, creative and critical thinking “doing” activities, and puzzles Intended outcomes for participants
  • To understand the theoretical basis on which development is founded
  • To recognise the value of using experiential learning to support students
  • To understand how the various elements interact with a potential to deliver an effective learning experience
  • To see how these are used across a wide range of subject areas – Education, Health, Law, Business, Engineering, Social Work, and how they can be deployed effectively in both Higher Education and corporate sectors
  • To enable participants to access the immersive environment and provide feedback and comments