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Invited Speakers Session 2: Adult students as peer learners -- 503 -- Invited Speaker

14:45 - 15:45 on Tuesday, 11 September 2012 in Main Theatre

Knowledge, speed of learning and utilization of knowledge as well as exploiting the potential of information technology are the today's key words for individuals, organizations and business success. How do adult learners assimilate new networking methods and use of social media tools? ICT tools give new possibilities for collaboration and networking, but the starting threshold is quite high. Peer learning gives new possibilities for testing and learning. In my presentation I will describe how adults adapt networking methods and use of social media in both work and free time. What are the challenges and development areas and how do new skills and competencies motivate people? Over four years, I have collected peer learning experiences from my students and colleagues. This comment from one student characterizes the feelings very well: “I’m like Alice in Wonderland in web-world. Every day I find something new – it’s a kind of a scary place but it is also an interesting eye-opener. To be honest, I do have a lot to learn and with colleagues I learn best”.


Presentation slides in Powerpoint:

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