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Transforming practice: Capturing current realities and future challenges: findings from the 2012 UCISA TEL survey -- 70 -- Short (oral) Paper

14:45 - 15:45 on Tuesday, 11 September 2012 in 1.218

This short paper will report on the headline findings from the UCISA 2012 Survey of Technology Enhanced Learning, which tracks developments in the use of learning technologies across the UK higher education sector. The use, management and support of a wide range of related technologies has now been monitored by six surveys, conducted between 2001 and 2012, initially by just UCISA, then for the last five surveys in association with the JISC. This sixth survey offers a longitudinal perspective of TEL developments over an 11-year period within UK higher education, focusing on the provision already in place within institutions and the current, emerging and planned patterns of learning technology use across the HE community.

The survey was distributed to 167 UK higher education institutions in January 2012, with a response rate of around 55%. The 2012 survey incorporates the core of questions from the previous surveys, thereby enabling a sector wide longitudinal analysis of e-learning developments, with special reference to institutional strategies and implementation plans encouraging the mainstreaming of learning technologies in support of learning and teaching activities. This survey also introduced a new set of open-ended free-text questions focusing on how institutions are evaluating the impact of their technology enhanced learning systems and tools on the student learning experience, addressing the value of their provision and future direction of services. New questions also addressed new services (e.g. mobile learning provision) and collaborative partnership arrangements in the delivery of TEL services to staff and students.

The session will present the key findings from the 2012 survey and through reference to previous surveys will provide some insights into how the UK HE sector is responding to the new economic realities of the post-Browne review era – specifically how funding issues may be impacting on central and local support & staffing provision and training and development opportunities. Results from the earlier surveys can be accessed at:

We are currently still gathering data and will be in a position to report key findings at the conference. The 2010 Survey Report pointed to some immediate consequences of the budgetary challenges on TEL provision, with institutions focusing on efficiency savings as a result of restricted budgets realised through voluntary redundancies, reorganisations and more selective staff development. The case studies that accompanied this report also highlighted the importance of networks and cross-institutional relationships in sharing services and resources, a theme that was subsequently magnified in publications such as the Online Learning Task Force's Report to HEFCE, Collaborate To Compete (Jan 2011). The 2012 Survey will track these developments, reporting on how institutions are adapting to the challenges of reduced government funding and greater student choice in the deregulated HE market through the development of new TEL services and reorganisation of existing support structures.


The presentation will discuss some of the key findings emerging from the 2012 TEL Survey. The Report has just been published on the UCISA website and is available for viewing at:



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Please find attached the slides from today's presentation on the UCISA TEL Survey.

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