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Open Technologies: Yes! There Are Quality Mobile Educational Apps for PreK-Ph.D.: TBReLearning Mobilization Resource Center -- 310 -- Demonstration

14:45 - 15:45 on Tuesday, 11 September 2012 in 1.219

Purpose: To provide practitioners with educational resources of mobile apps according to their teaching discipline, their mobile device, age appropriateness, and quality standards for best practice utilization. “In November 2010, the US Department of Education released its National Education Technology Plan, a detailed blueprint on how schools can improve learning with technology. Among its top recommendations is to leverage mobile devices (“the technology students already have”) in the classroom.”

Need: Mobilization (mobile devices of smart phones, tablets, and digital content of apps) is steadily impacting every facet of education. The 2011 Pew Research noted that in the USA, over eighty-seven percent of our students have some type of smart phone or tablet that they carry to schools. However, the majority of mobile apps that have been developed have largely been for gaming, music, communication, and social networking. In fact, mobile apps for education ranked the lowest in terms of students’ download usage on their mobile devices in January 2011. “It has been seen that mobile learning enables students to move from passive learners to engaged learners who are behaviorally and intellectually involved in their learning tasks. Wilsden Primary School, in the UK showed how handheld computers have helped students read books they normally would never touch, improving literacy and confidence.” “The K-Nect project started in North Carolina, was designed to create a supplemental resource for students to focus on increasing their math skills. It was found that students achieved higher test scores in math for the classes that used the mobile devices and spent a lot more time on mobile-enabled schoolwork than before. But interestingly, what was observed is that students also used social networking facilities to help one another other with the problem solving.”

In contrast, it is documented that there has been a thirty-five percent increase, since 2010, of schools across America in purchasing mobile devices to serve as teaching and learning tools. The discrepancy between the increase in devices and the low percentage of educational apps for these devices has created a challenge for educators to find the time to search for quality and appropriate apps to supplement their curriculum, to assist them in teaching, and most importantly to enhance learning by providing education on-demand and in their hands.

Therefore, in order to utilize mobile devices as effective teaching and learning tools, practitioners must search for appropriate educational apps which most often take time and effort; thus taking away time from instructions. In addition, there are no readily categorized methods or single location for practitioners to identify mobile apps according to their discipline, their preferred mobile device (i.e., iPads, Androids, Windows, Blackberry, etc.), or level of teaching and learning. Furthermore, there is a need for quality standards and best practices for the utilization of mobile apps in education.

SHARING Resource Solution for Educators: The Tennessee Board of Regents eLearning has created a free open source public mobile app resource center to assist practitioners in finding appropriate educational mobile apps and resources for their profession, as well as for addressing their students learning needs in an easy and timely manner. Plus, TBReLearning has developed guidelines for quality standards for the best usage of mobile apps for teaching and learning. To date, over 40,000+ mobile apps have been collected for sharing with practitioners all over the globe from early childhood education to college graduate programs: TBReLearning Mobile App Education Resource Center:


Copy of presentation to be used by Robbie Melton and Nicole Kendall.

Monday, 10 September 2012, 15:42

Greetings All,
Dr. Melton and I are looking forward to sharing our mobilization presentation with you.

Monday, 10 September 2012, 16:01

Thanks Nicole - we look forward` to hearing you both.

Monday, 10 September 2012, 16:08

Due to the limit time for the presentation, Dr. Kendall and I (Dr. Melton) would like to make sure that you receive the full list of the mobile apps that we plan to showcase during the presentation. *attached Powerpoint of "Showcase of Mobile Apps"

We also plan to showcase the latest mobile devices (Samsung and Google) as well as some of the latest accessories for mobile devices such as an art stylus, non-tech speaker, and the website with over 50,000_ mobile apps.

We have come across the ocean to share free resources with you all and would like to take some new app resources back home to the USA for sharing with educators!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012, 04:45