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Learner and Institution problem solving: TELT via TELT: Using Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching to Engage Staff in Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching -- 274 -- Short (oral) Paper

16:15 - 17:15 on Tuesday, 11 September 2012 in 3.204

This presentation provides an overview of a support framework to engage academic staff in technology enhanced learning and teaching (TELT). Developed by the e-Learning Development Team at Nottingham Trent University, it uses the e-tools that staff are expected to integrate in their own practice to deliver TELT support and guidance. The rationale for developing the framework was to address the challenges of providing TELT support with depleted resources whilst demonstrating TELT best practice. The presentation will be of interest to those who are problem solving how to provide TELT support with limited resources and those trying to engage academic staff with TELT.

The framework was developed to address the support challenges that resulted from Nottingham Trent University's restructure of e-Learning where one unit's services were split across three, training to Staff Development; VLE administrative support to Information Systems and e-Learning development (ED) to Quality Assurance and Enhancement. Early on, for the ED team, it became apparent that the previous model of bespoke support provision, which was labour intensive, and sometimes had low impact, was unsustainable. Additionally, academic staff comment that they have little time to integrate eLearning into their face-to-face activities (Fox 2008) and sometimes criticise development activities for being overly long and for not relating to their own teaching practice (Schneckenberg 2009). In order to address these issues a support framework was developed, delivered using the VLE, learning repository and webinars, in order to demonstrate TELT using TELT, comprised of:

  • Self directed TELT support via the VLE inspired by patient information web sites (Harden et al. 2010),
  • Quick guides highlighting best practice via the university's learning repository TELT Webinars

The presentation will provide illustrations from the framework together with details on its marketing and evaluation, providing, results from focus groups and questionnaires. It will critically consider, the successes and the challenges of the framework, in particular, how it complements existing TELT face-to-face training provided by the Staff Development Unit and within the context of recent discussions on restarting TELT consultancy.


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