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Institutional mainstreaming: Innovative Inductions and Feedback -- 201 -- Short (oral) Paper

09:00 - 10:20 on Wednesday, 12 September 2012 in 3.204

“The student experience today is more learner-centric and far more engaging” (Brewerton, 2012, p.40) and this was a major consideration in the development of the Middlesbrough College Learning Resources / eLearning / ICT induction sessions that were delivered to students in 2011. Building on the success of the practical elements in previous induction sessions, further participatory elements were investigated and incorporated in order to engage learners and provide an improved feedback mechanism.

A participatory approach was taken in order to provide a different experience and to disseminate the information in a dynamic way. The need to use digital media was recognised as “non-text-based modes offer rich alternative methods for getting across meaning”. (De Freitas & Conole, 2010, p.19).

A 3D model of the Middlesbrough College Learning Resources Centre was produced as a ‘wow’ factor visual representation of the space and resources. A walk-through experience was created within the virtual space demonstrating the learning resources using 3D objects and instances which activated short instructional videos. The induction session also included a practical element to ensure that learners could access the college system and resources followed by feedback opportunities. The feedback consisted of a quiz using the Interactive Whiteboard software and voting handsets. The questions were designed to reinforce learning and to collect student views on the usefulness of the session and any suggestions for improvements. In excess of 3200 students participated in the induction sessions which generated a large amount of feedback. The feedback process was successful as learners engaged with the interactive activity and due to the nature of the handsets it meant everyone could be equally involved and have their opportunity to comment. Learner comments such as “the induction has been very good and exciting”, “I thought it was good, I liked the 3d” and “it was useful and I learnt some new things” reflected on the dynamic nature of the session.

The use of innovative technologies such as a 3D experience and interactive feedback led to a more engaging and participatory learning experience. The presentation will focus on how the feedback has impacted on further developments. These developments include the different methods of gathering student feedback and how the results can inform learning resources and eLearning provision and training and support across the college.

The presentation will be of interest as it will give an insight into student responses to the use of innovative technologies when incorporated into an induction process.


Hi, do you have a ppt or file for your session which you could upload here please? Look forward to seeing you at the session.
Sue greener

Tuesday, 11 September 2012, 15:05

Hola, ¿tienes un ppt o de archivo para el período de sesiones que se podía subir aquí por favor? Esperamos verlos en la sesión.

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