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Technology-enhanced assessment practice: Mainstreaming technology-enhanced assessment practice: Exploring the issues -- 82 -- Workshop

16:35 - 17:35 on Wednesday, 12 September 2012 in 1.218

Assessment and feedback lie at the heart of the learning experience yet represent on-going concerns for institutions. This workshop provides opportunities to give creative input into the work of four JISC-funded projects in further and higher education pioneering large-scale technology-based approaches to assessment and feedback practices.

The dissatisfaction of students with their assessment experiences keeps assessment and feedback high on many institutional agendas, but of similar urgency is the alignment of assessment practice with the requirements of external stakeholders. Forging new partnerships to enhance assessment brings with it the potential to improve student employability and increase the authenticity and quality of the student experience.

Despite individual examples of effective practice, many institutions, faculties and course teams have yet to put in place well-embedded, sustainable technology-enhanced assessment practices that can be applied at scale to better meet the needs of stakeholders such as learners, employers, regional enterprise initiatives and professional bodies.

It is the purpose of this session to enable participants to discuss with project teams issues relating to technology-supported practice that are most relevant to them in order to assist their institution in building new partnerships and ensuring large-scale, sustainable quality improvements in assessment and feedback.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss technology-enhanced assessment and feedback practice under development in the JISC Assessment and Feedback programme. Participants will also be able to offer feedback to members of the project teams on their work, while considering similar applications of technology to assessment and feedback issues in their own contexts.

The projects involve a variety of cohort sizes and cover a range of disciplines so that the challenges they address and the solutions they explore are broadly representative of the sector's needs. Some of the projects have a particular interest in building collaborative partnerships and employer engagement in the design of assessment and feedback while others are focused on building a firm evidence base for programme and institution-wide change.

The workshop uses an ‘interactive poster approach’. After a short introduction, participants view the posters in a round robin activity, posting their feedback and questions on the work of the projects via post-it notes.

In the second activity, participants choose two posters to explore particular issues using the post-it note comments as discussion points. The final session sums up the key learning points from the session as a whole. There will also be opportunities to continue discussions on an online community resource, the JISC Design Studio.


  • Introduction – 5 mins
  • Poster round robin activity – 20 mins
  • Closer exploration of issues and benefits presented by two selected projects – 30 mins
  • Summing up key points – 5 mins


This is the introduction to the workshop ID 82; Mainstreaming technolgy-enhanced assessment practice: Exploring the issues. The introduction provides some background and explains the workshop activities. The workshop is presented by representatives of the 4 projects: Bex Lewis, Bath Spa/Winchester Univerisites, Tony Harris, Cornwall College, Rich Osborne, University of Exeter, Julie Vuolo, University of Hertfordshire and me (Peter Bullen) , JISC Critical Friend to the projects. The projects are about changing assessment and feedback practice and we are keen to understand how our work will be relevant to your institutions.

Friday, 7 September 2012, 11:50

As a synthesis consultant for the JISC Assessment and Feedback programme I submitted the above but the real work will be done the excellent project teams listed above so do come to listen to them and take part in the activity.

Friday, 7 September 2012, 20:19

This is the poster for the ITEAM project at the University of Hertfordshire. At the workshop we will be looking for input about stakeholder engagement with a view to building on our existing ideas about the critical success factors for working with stakeholders and gatekeepers successfully. We look forward to hearing everyone's views.

Saturday, 8 September 2012, 17:28

Here's the poster that Exeter will be showing at this event, summarising our focus on employability, assessment and technology.

We are attempting to take a somewhat novel approach to the problem of employability, by creating the assessment conditions under which employability skills and business awareness should be developed.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012, 08:37