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iPods and Social media: Beauty and the iPod – a story of contrasts and the use of podcasting in vocational education – Nail Technology -- 105 -- Proceedings Paper

12:00 - 13:00 on Wednesday, 12 September 2012 in 4.206

This paper outlines the experiences of a group of students and their lecturer as they explore the use of podcasting to support a vocational subject area (Nail Technology) and considers the impact that a change of approach in teaching method has had in a particular classroom setting.

The benefits of podcasting for learning and teaching are widely reported with many researchers (Roschelle, 2003; Chan & Lee, 2005; Dale, 2007; Evans, 2007) commenting on its flexibility, spontaneity and capacity to engage learners. It becomes an even more powerful tool when students are responsible for the content creation (Frydenburg, 2008).

We will illustrate that by using freely available resources, such as open source software and low cost, handheld technologies, students learn more effectively, are more engaged and are able to share what they have created with their peers and future cohorts of students through platforms such as PodOmatic, iTunes and Virtual Learning Environments.

We will conclude by showing that podcasting is a valuable tool, supporting a range of learner needs and abilities and we will demonstrate that both the creation of the podcast and the podcast itself are equally valuable in engaging the learners by supporting self, peer-assessment and providing timely feedback.

This study will be of interest particular interest to practitioners working in the area of vocational education in a school, further education or higher education setting. It will also be of interest to anyone wanting to enhance their teaching practice by taking a more student-led, interactive approach by using audio or video.


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