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Using mobile tech outside the classroom: Using mobile technology to enhance student educational experiences outside the classroom -- 134 -- Workshop

09:00 - 10:20 on Wednesday, 12 September 2012 in 4.205

Well-designed out-of-classroom activities, such as fieldwork, can greatly enhance student experiences and their engagement. When ‘fieldwork’ (encompassing many ‘out of classroom’ activities) is under increasing financial pressures, it should provide good educational experiences and value for money for students and tutors. TEL in fieldwork can enhance students’ education and promote digital literacy. Participants will develop learning design schemas and use mobile devices and apps to plan and run (very) short fieldtrips around the conference venue The outputs will show tutors what students could do in the field using smartphones, ipads/tablets appropriate pedagogy and apps, to accomplish problem-based tasks. Digital literacy as well as experiential learning is promoted by approaches which use ‘connectivism’ and these are promoted in this workshop.

It is not necessary to go to far-flung places to produce effective fieldwork. After planning their given project, teams will make (short) visits to, e.g. the University Museum, do interviews or surveys in the wild (and possibly woolly) Oxford Road, or other opportunities around the conference venue. The teams will plan and do an integrated, ‘bare bones’ field trip using ‘technology’ as they think appropriate and report back. These ‘trips’ will need to fulfill various fieldwork tasks and show how technology can be used to enhance learning using devices and apps that students might have to use in Real Life Experiences. We are expecting that learning technologists under pressure will present creative ideas for student involvement that tutors could use as templates. We shall provide some iPads and communicate with participants pre-event.

Participants will be able to show how tutors can establish good practices, and embrace technology, as part of problem solving experiences for students. Teams (4-5) of participants will construct, ‘micro field trips’ and demonstrate to tutor colleagues (who are perhaps reluctant; ‘we've always done it our way') to embrace mobile technologies in their fieldwork. Participants will gain experience of putting ‘apps into effective practice’ by thinking creatively about TEL, pedagogic practice and fieldwork. As well as coordinating digital enabling skills members will gain experience in stating Learning Outcomes for fieldwork projects and using pre-trip and post-trip interventions.

Pre-Event activity (Preflight): Workshop time, as in fieldwork, is limited so we shall provide ground rules, topics, ideas and information a day or so before we start (not compulsory) on our website.

Post-Event Activity: The products of the workshop and (within reason!) comments and feedback on participants’ experiences that have made, to show what can be done will be posted on the ‘fieldtrip'/project website. Participants will leave with a resource pack with 20+ case studies for ideas of which apps may be suitable for educating in classrooms and in the field. We shall also give a (bottle) prize to the ‘best’ activity template submitted.

Timings: Preamble 5; activity 45: debrief 10