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Pearson: Using EQUELLA and Moodle -- 806 -- Sponsor Session

15:55 - 16:30 on Wednesday, 12 September 2012 in 4.205

Pearson is the world’s leading education company, offering collaborative teaching and learning solutions for on-campus, online, and blended learning environments. Our award-winning educational technologies including EQUELLA are used by many institutions worldwide. EQUELLA is a digital repository that provides one platform to house your teaching and learning, research, media and library content. Why utilise EQUELLA?

Institutions all over the world use the digital repository for copyright resource collections, research materials, managing and exposing materials through websites and portals, content authoring, workflow, institutional policy and organisational resources. Learn how a wide variety of schools, universities, community colleges, state systems and departments of education, government agencies, and corporations worldwide are improving access, availability and achievement by using a digital repository to create, store and manage content, while integrating with different systems, including Moodle.

The collaboration between the EQUELLA and Moodle Development teams has produced an enhanced EQUELLA and Moodle integration that enables learners and instructors within the Moodle community to natively select EQUELLA content and populate it into their course structure. EQUELLA is the first digital repository to support the new features that have been developed as part of Moodle 2.3. Join this session to discover how educational partners are experiencing EQUELLA and Moodle!