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Conference Site (2)

Can I delete my account?

Yes you can delete your account and all information from your profile settings (Delete Your Account you need to be logged in to do this)

What platform is the site using?

The altc2013 conference platform is build on a WordPress installation primarily using four additional WordPress plugins

  • Conferencer – used to manage programme and session information
  • BuddyPress – social networking platform
  • FeedWordPress – used to pull delegate activity from 3rd party blogs and sites
  • MailPress – for daily newsletter distribution and management

You can read more about the general recipe and download the code repository here.

General (6)

Can I attend only one paper within a session?

We strongly discourage you from doing this because:

  1. we’ve grouped papers into sessions in a coherent way;
  2. it is up the session Chair to determin the order of papers in multi-paper sessions;
  3. it is impossible accurately to predict start and finish times of papers in multi-paper sessions;
  4. people leaving and joining sessions mid-way through can be disruptive to delegates and presenters alike.

When does altc2013 start/finish?

altc2013 will run from the morning of Tuesday 10th to the afternoon of Thursday 12th September 2013.

I only want to book for one/two day(s) and want to know when someone is speaking

Please note that sometimes speakers, even keynotes, have to change times as a result of other circumstances and so we cannot guarantee that you will get to hear a specific speaker – the only way to be sure is to attend the entire conference.

Should I sign up to sessions?

We encourage you to do so as this gives a sense of who will be coming and enable people to find each other in and after sessions.