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Case studies
Twittering the student experience
by Alan Cann, Jo Badge, Stuart Johnson and Alex Moseley

17-twitter-coverAlan Cann and colleagues from the University of Leicester consider Twitter's potential for gathering data relevant to student support and communication.

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Online 'student common rooms'
by Emily Bennett, David Carpenter, Paul McVeigh, Nancy North and Mary Watkins

17-student-common-rooms-coverThe University of Portsmouth's School of Social, Historical and Literary Studies has launched a a School-wide project to design, create and run online 'Student Common Rooms'.

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Introducing a radiofrequency clicker system: staff perceptions
by Daniela Gachago

17-clicker-coverThe College of Science and Engineering at the University of Edinburgh recently replaced their infrared student response systems with radiofrequency technology. Daniela Gachago reports on reactions to the new system.

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