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ALT-C 2010
Identifying learning technologists
In my opinion
'Technology revolution' is the way for education to deliver through the cuts
Deep thoughts or deep prejudices?
When using technology makes a difference
GPS - What is the learning value of knowing where you are?
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Make them struggle but keep them smiling
A Twitter experiment
I don’t want any help!! - A survey of attitudes to help packages
Top three announced in the Jorum learning and teaching competition
A week in the life of
A week in the life of
A week in the life of
Key Findings from 2010 technology enhanced learning survey
Instinct or reason
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A week in the life of
A week in the life of
Claire Donlan
by Claire Donlan

Claire Donlan, Head of Learning Resources, Middlesborough College (including the Learning Resources Centre/Library and e-Learning Department)

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A week in the life of
Shirley Evans
by Shirley Evans

Shirley Evans, a freelance learning technologist with a wide range of experience including working for TechDis, and the Open University, tells us about a week in her life.

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