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Chief Executive’s Report
Forthcoming ALT Events
Research in Learning Technology, the Journal of the Association for Learning Technology - News update
Feature article
ALT-C 2010
Identifying learning technologists
In my opinion
'Technology revolution' is the way for education to deliver through the cuts
Deep thoughts or deep prejudices?
When using technology makes a difference
GPS - What is the learning value of knowing where you are?
Case studies
Make them struggle but keep them smiling
A Twitter experiment
I don’t want any help!! - A survey of attitudes to help packages
Top three announced in the Jorum learning and teaching competition
A week in the life of
A week in the life of
A week in the life of
Key Findings from 2010 technology enhanced learning survey
Instinct or reason
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by Morag Munro

  • A review of ALT-C 2010 with contributions from Sarah Cornelius, Anna Campbell, Shirley Evans, Devampika Getkahn, Mary Jacob, Suki Kaur, Matt Lingard, Colin Loughlin and Mat Tinker.
  • Sirin Soyoz provides an overview of the role of learning technologists as a professional group.
  • Ray Irving and Stuart Sutherland describe the evolution of and identify lessons learned from the different phases of its development.
  • John Stone, LSN’s Chief Executive, argues that only through a revolution in technology can education institutes continue to deliver quality provision through the cuts.
  • Sean Duffy outlines the design principles for interactive learning underpinning Excel Everest, an interactive Microsoft Excel tutorial.
  • Marion Walton considers whether the non-linear structures of new media pose a threat to ‘deep’ thought.
  • Kevin McLaughlin, one of this year’s ALT Learning Technologist of the Year awardees reflects what being a recipient of this award has meant to him.
  • Tom Browne, Roger Hewitt, Martin Jenkins, Julie Voce, Richard Walker and Hennie Yip present key findings from 2010 technology enhanced learning survey.
  • Adrian Perry provides an overview of a recent report investigating the factors that lie behind the formation of educational policy.
  • Bob Harrison interviews Thomas Black, Associate Vice Provost for Student affairs at Stanford University, and one of the pioneers behind 'iStanford'.
  • Bryony Taylor tells us about her experiences using Twitter to organise an event.
  • Meic Watkins and Liz Bennett examine whether staff and students prefer a structured or an experimental approach to learning software.
  • A week in the life of Shirley Evans, Independent Consultant, JISC TechDis Associate, and OU Tutor and Claire Donlan, Head of Learning Resources, Middlesborough College
  • Adam Blackwood outlines some of the potential uses for GPS in education.
  • Top three announced in the Jorum learning and teaching competition.
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