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The wide open learning world: sea, land, and ice views
In my opinion
Potential implications of the online learning innovation fund
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@#altc2009: impressions of ALT 2009
Future of technology in education conference
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Interdisciplinary design to support learning design
Global resources for on-line education
Back to basics: the web, academic values, and Sakai
Education in a changing world: teachers and technology
Case studies
Twittering the student experience
Online 'student common rooms'
Introducing a radiofrequency clicker system: staff perceptions
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Chief Executive's report
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Innovating e-Learning 2009
ALT-C Keynote and invited speaker sessions
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ALT-N Online

ALT-N Online is produced quarterly and seeks to publish articles that reflect the fast-changing field of learning technologies and meet the needs of its diverse membership including those who design, develop and implement new technologies as well as those involved in support, staff development and research. The articles focus on news about the Association, case studies demonstrating good practice, reviews of software, conference reviews and updates of services for the sectors.

The editorial team consists of:
Morag Munro (Editor), Dublin City University -

Deputy editors:
Kevin Donovan
Graham McElearney: University of Sheffield
Julie Voce: Imperial College London

We welcome proposals for articles for ALT-N Online. For further information and guidelines, please contact one of the editors.
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